They Came to Conquer... Uranus
Released 1995
Recorded 1995 at Doubletime Studios in San Diego, California
Length 07:06
Genre Skate punk, punk rock
Label Cargo Music, Grilled Cheese
Produced by 0
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Short Bus
Dude Ranch

They Came to Conquer... Uranus is a 7" EP by Blink-182, released in 1995 on Cargo Music. It was released on clear green, clear yellow, clear blue, and black vinyl. This EP is notable as being the band's first release (excluding the re-release of Cheshire Cat) under the name Blink-182, rather than Blink.

The song "Waggy" was re-recorded 2 years later on their next album, Dude Ranch.

Only 300 copies were originally pressed on blue vinyl and were numbered by hand in 1995. They have since been repressed multiple times on various colors such as black, different shades of blue, green, aqua, gold, yellow, red, and pink.

Track listingEdit

They Came To Conquer... Uranus Side 1
No. TitleLead vocal(s) Length
1. "Wrecked Him"  DeLonge/Hoppus 2:48
They Came To Conquer... Uranus Side 2
No. TitleLead vocal(s) Length
1. "Waggy"  Hoppus 2:54
2. "Zulu"  DeLonge/Hoppus 2:04
Total length:


Each band member was given a nickname.

New Nicknames for the band members are found on the back cover of the EP


  • O - producer
  • Kerry Key - cover photo
  • Scan, Boy! - layout
  • Kerry and Daniel M. - live photos

Song informationEdit

  • "Waggy" was re-recorded for the band's major label debut Dude Ranch.
  • "Wrecked Him" and "Zulu" can also be found on the Dick Lips single.
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