The Urethra Chronicles II: Harder Faster Faster Harder is a documentary about Blink-182, and is the follow-up to the first Urethra Chronicles. The DVD was released by MCA Records on May 7, 2002, and contains music videos, bonus footage, making of videos, band biographies, and other bonus content.

Scene indexEdit

  1. Opening
  2. Travis
  3. Tom
  4. Mark
  5. Past, Present, and the Paranormal
  6. Sin City
  7. Making of "The Rock Show"
  8. Tour Life
  9. Backstage
  10. Making of "Stay Together for the Kids"
  11. Recording Studio
  12. Making of "First Date"
  13. Friends
  14. Credits

Bonus featuresEdit

  1. Music videos
  2. Chicago Live
  3. Management
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Do you believe?
  6. Mark Undercover
  7. The Battle of the Enchanted Forest
  8. Doctor Brian
  9. The Making of "Stay Together for the Kids" (Original version)
  10. 1216 Beats
  11. A Message to our Fans

Some UK versions of the DVD have a fault in which when Aliens Exist is selected from the Chicago Live menu, it instead plays the chapter Do You Believe? and the Aliens Exist video is unattainable.