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Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Released June 12, 2001
Recorded November 2000–February 2001
Signature Sound
(San Diego, California)
Larrabee Studios West, Cello Studios
(Hollywood, California)
Length Length may vary
Genre pop punk, punk rock
Label MCA Records
Produced by Jerry Finn
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Enema of the State

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is the fourth studio album by Blink-182. Produced by Jerry Finn, the album was released on June 12, 2001 through MCA Records. Blink-182, after the massive commercial success of their previous album, Enema of the State, entered the studio in late 2000 to record a follow-up to Enema. The title is a tongue-in-cheek pun on male masturbation ("take off your pants and jack it").

The album was a huge success, debuting at #1 and selling more than 350,000 copies in its first week on the Billboard 200, becoming the band's only album to do so. It is Blink-182's second best selling album. The album has sold 4.5 million records worldwide, while going double platinum in the United States. The album contains the hit singles "The Rock Show", "Stay Together for the Kids", and "First Date" while "Anthem Part Two" also received radio airplay. The singles (with the exception of "Anthem Part Two") later appeared on Blink 182's Greatest Hits album.

Track listing[]

The only album to include so many bonus tracks that are hard to find. The Red, Yellow, and Green editions are hard to find.

All songs written and composed by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker

No. TitleLead vocal(s) Length
1. "Anthem Part Two"  DeLonge 3:48
2. "Online Songs"  Hoppus 2:25
3. "First Date"  DeLonge 2:51
4. "Happy Holidays, You Bastard"  Hoppus 0:42
5. "Story of a Lonely Guy"  DeLonge 3:39
6. "The Rock Show"  Hoppus 2:51
7. "Stay Together for the Kids"  DeLonge/Hoppus 3:59
8. "Roller Coaster"  Hoppus 2:47
9. "Reckless Abandon"  DeLonge 3:06
10. "Everytime I Look for You"  Hoppus 3:05
11. "Give Me One Good Reason"  DeLonge 3:18
12. "Shut Up"  Hoppus 3:20
13. "Please Take Me Home"  DeLonge 3:05
Total length:

  • On the clean version of the album the track "Happy Holidays, You Bastard" is listed as just "Happy Holidays", and is an instrumental with the exception of the last line "I'll never talk to you again".
  • On the limited edition bonus track versions, "Please Take Me Home" has roughly three minutes, or 182 seconds of silence at the end.



Additional personnel[]

  • Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. — keyboards
  • Jerry Finn - production
  • Tom Lord-Alge - mixing
  • Joe McGrath - engineering
  • Joe Marlett - assistant engineer
  • Ted Reiger - assistant engineer
  • Robert Read - assistant engineer
  • Femio Hernandez - mixing assistant
  • Mike "Sack" Fasano - drum tech
  • Brian Gardner - mastering