Shane Gallagher is an Indonesian musician who played guitar for rock/alternative band +44, goth-punk band Mercy Killers, and formerly The Nervous Return.

Early lifeEdit

Shane Gallagher was born on December 30, 1973 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Shane is of Korean and European descent. His mother Chong Suk Gallagher, was born and raised Seoul, Korea before moving to the United States with her husband Michael Gallagher. They met while Michael was in the Army. They had 2 children, Heather and Shane Gallagher. Shane spent his childhood growing up in Jakarta, Indonesia. before moving to Riverside, CA and on to Los Angeles CA, to pursue his musical career.


In 2006, Gallagher left The Nervous Return to join Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker (both of blink-182 fame) and guitarist Craig Fairbaugh to form +44. He was brought in as a replacement for Carol Heller as guitarist in +44 after she left the band to start a family. In 2007, he officially became a member of The Mercy Killers and he went on tour with them. Once +44 took a break so Mark and Travis could focus on the new blink-182 record, Shane took a trip back to Indonisia where he met and fell in love with a small time banker named Shuripickit Ni' Mannsfield III. This was soon followed by a wedding and an adoption of their first son, William Joseph Mannsfield Gallagher. After a struggle with the local Indonisian police, Shane and his family moved back to the United States. In early 2011, the Mannsfield-Gallagher family bought their first home in Las Vegas, NV. He is currently involved in an acoustic project titled "A death to Stars" with Joseph O'Day, an ex-hand and foot model.