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Ryan Sinn
Vital statistics
Birth Name Ryan Sinn
Born 04/23/1979
Origin Poway, California, United States
Genre Punk rock, pop punk, alternative rock, space rock, post punk, Metal
Occupation Musician
Instrument Guitar, Bass
Status 2001–present
Associated Acts Angels & Airwaves, The Distillers, The Innocent, Love Equals Death

Ryan Sinn (born Ryan David Sinnott on April 23, 1979 in Fremont, California, USA) is the former bassist for the alternative rock band Angels & Airwaves and The Distillers, but has joined Love Equals Death, after Dominic Davi's departure. On March 4, 2008, Love Equals Death lead singer, Chon Travis posted on the band's Myspace blog that Sinn had left the band on good terms.

Sinn joined The Distillers after their first album had been made. At the time he only played guitar, but the group was so desperate for a bassist that he learned to play the instrument in four days. He appeared on the group's second and third albums. The band experienced some turmoil in 2005, and Sinn announced that he had left the band on his MySpace page in August of that year.

After leaving The Distillers, Sinn was recruited by Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge to join his new project, Angels & Airwaves. He played bass on the bands 2006 release We Don't Need to Whisper. However in April 2007, rumors spread that Sinn had left Angels & Airwaves due to difficulties with the rest of the band. In May, these rumors were confirmed by Sinn. Soon after the announcement of the departure, Sinn posted on that he would be auctioning off items associated with AVA, including a Tom DeLonge signature guitar that DeLonge had given him as a gift.

The reasons of his dismissal are still unknown to the fans as no further announcements have been made by the rest of the band.

Sinn was playing bass with The Innocent, a thrash metal group consisting of drummer Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion), vocalist Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through) and guitarist Dave Nassie (No Use for a Name). Currently he's playing in a band called Blackpool. Sinn appears in two episodes of Mega64: Version 3.