Greatest Hits
Released October 31, 2005
Recorded 1992–2004
Length Length may vary
Genre Pop punk, punk rock, alternative rock, skate punk
Label Geffen (986 140-7)
Produced by O, Mark Trombino, Jerry Finn, Blink-182, Michael Charlton
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Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Blink-182. The compilation was released on October 31, 2005. A DVD, similarly titled Greatest Hits, was also released, featuring the same title and cover. The disc included most of the band's music videos.

The compilation was based on the breakup of the band earlier in the year. It is essentially a collection of the band’s most successful singles with one new song and a non-album track. Blink-182 eventually announced their reformation in February 2009. Greatest Hits was the last official Blink-182 album until the band announced their reformation.

Track listingEdit

All songs written and composed by Blink-182, except "Another Girl Another Planet" by Peter Perrett.

Some versions include, I Won't Be Home For Christmas.

No. Title Length
1. "Carousel"   3:11
2. "M+M's"   2:35
3. "Dammit" (single edit) 2:46
4. "Josie" (single edit) 3:05
5. "What's My Age Again?"   2:29
6. "All the Small Things" (single edit) 2:51
7. "Adam's Song"   4:06
8. "Man Overboard"   2:46
9. "The Rock Show"   2:51
10. "First Date"   2:51
11. "Stay Together for the Kids"   3:52
12. "Feeling This"   2:53
13. "I Miss You"   3:47
14. "Down" (single edit) 3:13
15. "Always"   4:17
16. "Not Now"   4:23
17. "Another Girl, Another Planet" (The Only Ones cover) 2:41
Total length:


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Mastered byEdit

  • Brian Gardner