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Released 1993
Recorded May 1993 in Scott Raynor's Bedroom (according to the liner notes)
Length 21:00
Genre Skate punk, punk rock
Label Fags in the Wilderness
Produced by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, Scott Raynor
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Demo #2

Flyswatter is the first ever release by Blink-182

The demo was recorded in drummer Scott Raynor's bedroom, and was recorded live on a four-track and involved no mixing. It was released on Fags In The Wilderness records, which wasn't an authentic label and was only used as a joke on this demo. Tom sold copies of the tape during lunch at school. The artwork was done by Mark, who also came up with the name for the demo. Coincidently, the album's artwork has an "A" on it, resembling the logo of the MLB team Atlanta Braves. Nearly every album after this would be titled accordingly (B for Buddha, C for Cheshire, D for Dude, E for Enema), after Enema of the State, each album would have the letter hidden in the artwork.

Track Listing[]

All songs sung by Tom DeLonge except for the two covers, which were sung by Mark Hoppus.

No. TitleLead vocal(s) Length
1. "Reebok Commercial"  DeLonge 2:51
2. "Time"  DeLonge 2:32
3. "Red Skies"  DeLonge 3:28
4. "Alone"  DeLonge 2:48
5. "Point Of View"  DeLonge 1:18
6. "Marlboro Man"  DeLonge 3:32
7. "The Longest Line" (NOFX Cover)Hoppus 2:02
8. "Freak Scene" (Dinosaur Jr Cover)Hoppus 2:28
Total length: