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The Enema of the State Demo is a collection of demos recorded by the band Blink-182 just after drummer Scott Raynor left the band and Travis Barker joined in 1998. This demo had many songs that would later be re-recorded and released on the Enema of the State album.

Two songs from these demos were not featured on the Enema of the State album:

The demos have only been leaked in lossy MP3 format. There were technical problems while ripping the cassette of the original demo onto MP3, and as a result, the files fluctuate in tempo and key.


No. TitleLead vocal(s) Length
1. "Aliens Exist" (Demo)DeLonge 3:16
2. "Anthem" (Demo)DeLonge 4:03
3. "What's My Age Again?" (Demo)Hoppus 2:20
4. "Dumpweed" (Demo)DeLonge 2:12
5. "The Party Song" (Demo)Hoppus 2:17
6. "Dysentery Gary" (Demo)DeLonge 2:42
7. "Man Overboard" (Demo)DeLonge/Hoppus 3:32
8. "Life's So Boring" (Instrumental)Instrumental 3:23
9. "Wendy Clear" (Demo)Hoppus 2:56
Total length: