"Dumpweed" is a song by blink-182 that appeared on their album Enema of the State,. It was released as a single off of The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back!) using the live version that appeared on that album.

Song MeaningEdit

As said by Tom DeLonge, "That's all about wishing you had a girl you could train. I remember writing the song thinking about my dog. You can train the dog to sit, to be quiet, to be a good dog. But you can't teach a girl to do anything. So I thought that'd be cool to write a song about...If only you had a girl that you could train like a dog, that'd be cool because then she could never make you mad, and she would never be a woman. And women are just a whole different species." The song is also about a boy who is in a relationship that goes up and down. One minute the girl is cool, the next minute she's crazy.