"Chapter 13" is a song by +44 from their 2006 album When Your Heart Stops Beating. "Chapter 13" is the last song on +44's debut album When Your Heart Stops Beating and from what Mark said, "it has an epic ending to the album." The song is based around the novel Danté's Inferno, many +44 fans assumed it was written about the end of Blink-182 but is not. Mark also stated in an interview "it's about a man falling in love with a girl at a party and learning that she doesn't like him at all, so he hangs himself in a bathroom." The lyrics "There's no one listening" are interpreted by many of the band's fans to be a response to the last track on Angels & Airwaves' debut album We Don't Need to Whisper. The track (Start the Machine) ends on "If Love's a word that you say, say it, I will listen".


Yahoo! released a video for the song directed by Jason Bergh which features clips of the band playing their first show, behind the scenes promotional shooting and original early footage including Travis, Mark and Carol Heller rehearsing.