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Released October 27, 1998
Recorded 1993 at Double Time Studios in San Diego, California
Length 31:55
Genre Skate punk, punk rock
Label Filter Records
Produced by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, Scott Raynor
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Dude Ranch
Enema of the State

Blink-182 released a promotional cassette tape to promote this.

Track Listing[]

Remastered version
No. TitleLead vocal(s) Length
1. "Carousel"  DeLonge 2:40
2. "TV"  Hoppus 1:37
3. "Strings"  Hoppus 2:28
4. "Fentoozler"  Hoppus 2:03
5. "Time"  Hoppus 2:46
6. "Romeo and Rebecca"  DeLonge 2:31
7. "21 Days"  DeLonge 4:01
8. "Sometimes"  Hoppus 1:04
9. "Point of View"  DeLonge 1:11
10. "My Pet Sally"  DeLonge 1:36
11. "Reebok Commercial"  Hoppus 2:35
12. "Toast and Bananas"  DeLonge 2:26
13. "The Girl Next Door" (Screeching Weasel cover)DeLonge/Hoppus 2:31
14. "Don't"  Hoppus 2:26
Total length:
  • Note: tracks 13 and 14 do not appear on the original version
  • "Time", "Point of View" and "Reebok Commercial" originally appeared on the self-released demo Flyswatter and later on Blink-182's Demo #2.
  • "Carousel", "T.V.", "Strings", "Fentoozler", "Romeo & Rebecca", "Sometimes" and "Toast & Bananas" later appear on the band's debut album Cheshire Cat.
  • "Degenerate" originally appeared on Blink-182's Demo #2 and would later appear on the band's Dude Ranch album.
  • The rest of the tracks are exclusive to Buddha and have never appeared on any of Blink-182's studio albums.