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"Anthem Part Two" (or "Anthem Part II") is the first track on Take Off Your Pants and Jacket by Blink-182. It is the sequel to Anthem on Enema of the State. The song is about teenagers frustration at the higher powers of the world eg, politicians, teachers. The song did not get any single releases or criticism, although it did receive notable airplay, to the point, it charted at #9 on the Modern Rock Tracks, and a live music video recorded during their tour in Chicago 2001.


The song was written as sequel to Anthem on Enema of the State possibly to intrigue buyers, or connect the two albums together. It is a song surrounding the frustrated views harboured by many teenagers, the 'man' is out to get them.


Tom: This is a song that I'm super proud of. It is really all about being a kid and feeling like fuck, if everybody says I'm fucked up and I'm wrong and I need to act differenty then hey - it's your fault (the adults) cause they are the ones that chose my schools, laws, and well... you get the picture.


"Anthem Part Two" was featured in the 2006 movie Stick It. The song was chosen because of its angry teenage message.

Music video[]

"Anthem Part Two's" music video is now rarely seen these days, due to the fact it wasn't an official single. The music video for "Anthem Part Two" can be found on youtube.