Anthem is a song by Blink-182 featured on their Enema of the State. It's the final song of the album while Anthem Part Two from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (the following album) is the the first track.


Tom: 'Anthem' is a song I wrote about having a party at your house, your parents coming home and finding out. I did that to my friend one time. I wanted my band to play - in high school - at my friend's house. His parents left only until midnight, but I still told the whole school that we were playing there. Thousands of people showed up, and then they all had to leave and we had to clean up the place before the parents came back at 12. It was so funny. The whole place chipped in with the clean up, but the cops showed up and his parents found out that way. So he ended up getting in to a lot of trouble. I couldn't believe that I invited all those people over and his parents were only away until midnight. The stereo was broken...there was a fight, there was blood everywhere. It was so funny.

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