"Another Girl, Another Planet" is a song by English power pop/new wave group The Only Ones, the second track on their 1978 eponymous debut. The song has since been covered by multiple other performers.

Blink-182 coverEdit

In December 2004 Blink-182 recorded a cover of this song for the opening track of Travis Barker's MTV reality show Meet the Barkers. It was later released in 2005 on their Greatest Hits album. The Blink-182 version features an alteration to Perrett's original lyric by way of "I could kill...." rather than "I look ill...", which is speculated to be because Blink 182 has used the Replacements' cover, and not the original. This was also the last song Blink-182 recorded until their anticipated 2011 album Neighborhoods.

Although it is not an official single, it peaked at #99 on the U.S. Billboard Pop 100.